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Usa Utility Trailer 3000R v 1.0

Date 2016-03-12 09:39

Usa-Utility-Trailer-3000R-3 Usa-Utility-Trailer-3000R-2 Usa-Utility-Trailer-3000R-1

Pleace keep the credits for this mod
Mod content:
Standalone trailer, utility 3000r
Standalone wheels for trailer
Mod leds and turn light colors by b4rt
Mod hdr fix v4.0 by night-son

And 5 skins:
Food lion
More skins in the next updates.

Install notes:
Just put the .Scs file in your mod folder.

You can share this on other sites, but keep the original download link and credits! Do not reupload!

“Eclipse – rims ; Steve aka evh5150vanhalen – TK SB3 reefer unit ; pete379jp – TK SB200 WHISPER reefer unit ; Ivan aka hardtruckisthebest and B4RT for trailer conversion to ETS2” SprintCar2L conversion to ATS.


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16 Responses to Usa Utility Trailer 3000R v 1.0

  1. Thanks b4rt,
    how is the progress of : Fontaine Magnitude , Heil Tanker for ATS ?

  2. zoran

    Put this trailer in game and all trailers in ai traffic are only this?

  3. no its standalone .
    all the trailers will be the same + 5 skins

  4. zoran

    I try, all the trailers that you can see in traffic that other trucks hauling is this 5 skins??

  5. with this mod all trailers ion traffic are ony utility

  6. Is there a way you can do one with just tandem axles also?

  7. when i use this with the T908 it has invisible colision with the truck and causes damage to both trailer and truck but only when you turn.

    • mike

      to add some collisionrelated stuff, using the Volvo VNL670 by Aradeth, it’s not possible to turn, seems like the pivot is locked, not the truck as I have hauled other trailers without problem

  8. GTHusky

    I love these trailers but they do have collision issues. You can’t really turn with the Volvo VNL670. Also, all trailers in traffic are replaced by these. It’s a shame since it’s a really amazing mod. Beautiful trailers. But I had to uninstall. Please update! :)

  9. STobi

    Why three wheels?

  10. Anthony Hall

    i drive for tyson and are trailers do not have 3axles.. plz remove one axle to make it REAL, thank u the tyson driver transportaion team!

  11. Anthony Hall


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