USA Police Traffic by Solaris36 & Da Modza

USA-Police-Traffic-1 USA-Police-Traffic-2 USA-Police-Traffic-3

USA Dodge Charger policial vehicles.

– Beacons & flashers.
– On & off versions.
– Cities skins.
– Unmarked model included on & off.
– With sounds.
– Low frequency (0.1 to 0.5)

Thank you to Da Modza for 3D model Dodge Charger.

Enjoy it. :-)

Authors: Solaris36 & Da Modza (Model Dodge Charger 3D)


19 thoughts on “USA Police Traffic by Solaris36 & Da Modza

  1. Arthur Vince

    Thank you thank you!!! This is awesome!1

    1. merci

  2. Arthur Vince

    I have replace the siren sound with this one, cause now you can hear the sound fade out when the policecar passes you !! ;-)

    1. solaris36

      I will test it!! TY :-)

      1. Arthur Vince

        no problemo..i hope it makes this mod better, cause it is already awesome!! and what about this beast? is it possible to port it to ats?

    2. CyberMolch

      How i replace the sound with your linked file?


  3. Do the skins stay local to their jurisdictions? Just curious if I’ll end up seeing LVPD in California for example. There was another police car mod like this on here as well, and I loved the skins but it was odd seeing LVPD in California and CSP in Nevada.

    1. If Solaris36 hasn’t touched the model paint itself, then the city designs should still work as per the stock Crown Vic

      1. solaris36

        Hi. Thank you.
        I maintain the “city_skin[]:” label. :-)

  4. While driving on the highways, I’ve noticed police cars turn up quite often. I’ve seen four or five in the space of a couple minutes. Could be worth lowering the frequency a little more perhaps?

    Other than that, it’s a great mod!

    1. solaris36

      You can make that.
      Open def/country/california (and nevada folder too).
      You can change frequency on each *.sii file.
      I don’t know if games supports less 0.1 frequency range, like 0.05.
      You can try various levels and comment here!
      Regards. :-)

      1. Arthur Vince

        0,05 works, even 0,005 lol, but note for Kevin..this def file is hidden in the “USA_Police_traffic_v1.0_by_Solaris36 & Da Modza” scs file.. and can be opent with winrar or winzip..

  5. will this work with other police mods…currently i use “Separate California and Nevada Highway Patrol Cars” mod

  6. This is awesome! Can you make one with unmarked ’06 Pontiac GTOs?

  7. solaris36

    Hi. I will change frequency in next version and add any other model. :-)

  8. TomFoolery

    Every single one I come across has the lights and siren on, even if they are sitting in traffic.

  9. Please Solaris crate ambulance and fire truck <3 :)

  10. solaris36

    Hi. Mod update soon….maybe tomorrow. :-)

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