USA E.R. Traffic v 1.1 by Solaris36

USA-E.R.-Traffic-3 USA-E.R.-Traffic-2 USA-E.R.-Traffic-1

USA Emergency Traffic for ATS.

Model Ambulance by SCS Software.
Model Firetruck by Volition Inc from game Saints Row. Converted to ATS/ETS2 by Alkonavt96. Thank you!!

Vehicles with beacons, flashers and sounds.


Corrected firetruck excessive reflection.
Corrected chrome effect.
Fixed ambulance lights position. (Thank you to NnBb for the info).
Adjusted frequency.
Other minor changes.


Other works:

Authors: Solaris36, Alkonavt96, Volition Inc, SCS Software


13 thoughts on “USA E.R. Traffic v 1.1 by Solaris36

  1. Thank you for the update, solaris36! :-))
    I’m waiting with anxious the DC-Trailer Pack in cooperation with David Corley!!!! ;-)

  2. Thank you solaris36, this is a cool mod!

  3. Now it is goooood !!!

  4. NICE! Love it Solaris! Could please add the police the next time

  5. Thanks for the light fix :D

  6. solaris36

    Thank u all. :-)

  7. I liked the mod , but checked the que of a siren CONCLUSION hinders more than it helps because I take fright always hum and shove your foot on the brake. For it would be better off without it .

  8. Horror_LP

    Finally the sounds are way more quiet than in the other version! Now my ears don’t bleed by hearing the sirens

  9. Humpfester

    Doesn’t work in beta

    1. solaris36

      Try again. THIS MOD WORKS FINE ON 1.2 OPEN BETA.
      Cause don’t use custom wheels, use game defaults wheels. :-)

      1. i have to second to humpfester. sadly it doesnt work, it say “not find a manifest. sii” or somethin too

  10. if or when an update comes, would it be possible to let these emergency vehicles override all traffic rules, looks funny when they stop beside U when lights are RED…maybe not possible, if there was an vehicle infront of…probably a crash, just a thought :)

  11. Mod removed because TOO MUCH woooooo woooo woooo every 10 seconds

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