FS19 mods

US Trailers Pack v 2.3

Date 2018-01-25 11:01

Pack of American/Mexican trailers. Most trailers do not have proper working lights.

Miguel, Unknown


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4 Responses to US Trailers Pack v 2.3

  1. A mistake with the wheels corrected?

  2. Urano


  3. TruckinGod23

    This pack sucks, it removed all my trailer mods and removed my jazzycat real company truck pack. And the rims need to be chrome. Plus If you’re gonna make a usa trailer pack, make it so the trailers are part of the US. Not these whacky trailers from Europe. A lot just needs to be fixed. Its good but its just there is a lot missing.

  4. fan trucker

    it’s fine but it’s not improving tires and trailers from USA and Canada and not from Mexico

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