US Names for AI Drivers


This mod changes the names of the AI drivers into (more realistic) “American” names.
It works as long as your in-game language is set to “English (United States)”.

Tested with ATS version



6 thoughts on “US Names for AI Drivers

  1. how did you extract the file?

  2. You don’t have to extract anything , just put the scs file in your mod folder.

  3. Johnny Rotten

    We need lots more American names please for all the men and women, HANK, RANDY, LOU, DALE, WAYNE, EARL, EUGENE, HARVEY, FRANKLIN, BRENT, and the women, PATTY, MARILYN, BETTY, PAMELA, SHERRI, HOLLY, JUDY, DELORES, BONNIE, CINDY.

  4. So I have tested this mod and it’s a good start but in my own opinion it’s poorly created in that some male drivers have female names and vice versa so when selecting your profile picture it shows some males in the female list and vice versa. What we really need is the original AI driver names sii file so that as Johnny Rotten said, we can have/change all of the AI driver names if we want ot :)

  5. little_ghost

    @Knightf: can you please upload a screenshot where that is the case? I’ve checked but have yet to find a faulty picture/name combination….

    1. @little_ghost: Here is the link to the screenshots I took
      I edited them in photoshop to kind of show you what I was talking about

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