US Alcoa Wheels Pack

Pack of Alcoa wheels, American tractors, version 1.0
Because they do not meet the normal puck decided to make his version of the wheels.
In the first version collected 4,each disc has 2 versions: chrome and aluminum
Present your tires,the nuts and the hub which is only compatible with the discs from the pack.

Tested: ONLY 1.6.x

Ventures87, Chris, RBR-DUK, Jon, uborschik


4 thoughts on “US Alcoa Wheels Pack

  1. Very nice pack thank you !!!!!!!!

  2. как установить етот мод он же не scs ?

  3. namelessclone

    @SEMEM Просто положи zip-архив в папку с модами.

  4. what is the peterbilt 389 mod at the bottom?

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