US-93 RR Crossings v 1.1

US-93-RR-Crossings-2 US-93-RR-Crossings-1

Version 1.1:

* Removed STOP sign on controlled intersection in Ely
* Fixed speed limit on US-93 north-bound to Jackpot (was 70MPH through settlement past I-80 while south-bound from Jackpot before I-80 was 55-35MPH)

Author: rookie31st


4 thoughts on “US-93 RR Crossings v 1.1

  1. will it work with MHAPro/MexUSCan/C2C?

    1. Prometheus

      No, it breaks C2C in the Ely area. Perhaps only work with Mexuscan.

      1. u have to have C2C to use MexUsCan….

  2. works for me

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