Ural 6464 for ATS V1.35

Changes in appearance:
– Removed the RTA nameplate from the radiator grill, because fuck it is not needed there.
– The curved grid texture of the grid has been replaced by a prettier seamless one.
– Changed the size of the wings for default tires and wheels.
– Changed the position of copyright tires and discs, corrected their shadow and edited their textures and mats. (but I would still recommend using default or third-party wheels).
– Changed and fixed shadow from the track.
– Inactive cables were removed and active ones were installed, approximately in the form in which they were installed on the original. (ATS uses a standard cable rod).
– The saddle is slightly lowered under the default trailers.
– Edited frame texture.
– Slightly edited registration and some mats.
– Added support for advanced hitch.
– Added two types of mudguards to the rear wings.
– Added unpainted side skirts.
– Roof slots and lighthouses added.
– For both games, the “oversized” banner on the bumper from ATS has been edited.
– In tuning, only one bucket is left on the rear overhang.
Interior changes:
– Added curtains to the windows of the sleeping bag.
– Added a blanket with a pillow.
– Drawn new logos on the steering wheel and gearbox.
– Prescribed additional modes janitors.
In ETS2 it is bought in the DAF salon or online in a separate showroom for mods, in ATS it is bought in the showroom for mods. Well, or whatever it is called there.
Credits: Gray striped
Ver: 1.35

Gray striped


4 thoughts on “Ural 6464 for ATS V1.35

  1. Lol, the author of this post, if you do not know, then in 1x nicknames do not translate into another language, and secondly, in brackets under the post in addition to my name in the VK, was written by two other nick “Versetti” and “Versetti’SP”, they are difficult to copy?
    Администрация, замените пожалуйста автора “Gray striped” на “Versetti” или “Серый Полосатый”.

    Автор этого поста, если ты не в курсе, то во 1х никнеймы не переводят на другой язык, а во вторых в скобочках под постом помимо моего имени в ВК, были написаны два других ника “Versetti” и “Versetti’SP”, их трудно было скопировать?
    Administration, please replace the author’s “Grey striped” to “Versetti” or “Серый Полосатый”.

  2. Administration, correct the author in the description to “Серый Полосатый” or “Versetti”. The author of this post a little fool and translated the original description and Russian-language nickname of the author through Google translator.

  3. Ry_Trapp0

    Lets not be too harsh on the author for the poor google translate – they fixed all of RTA’s utter BS(pretty pathetic when the wheel-tire setup has to be completely modified to work with STOCK wheels-tires)

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