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Updated Radio

Date 2016-02-15 15:13


This mod adds 37 new radio stations to radio playlist. All these stations are based in California and Nevada, so this mod adds more realism to the game.

1. Extract live_streams.sii to “Documents/American Truck Somulator” folder and overwrite existing file.
2. Start ATS and new stations will be added to radio playlist.

Tested on ATS ver. 1.0.4

Author: AlexeyP


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7 Responses to Updated Radio

  1. tezzer

    awesome alexeyp

  2. Nick

    Anyway you can add in KRXQ 98 Rock from Sacramento? It’s one of my favorite stations. And maybe some other popular stations from Sacramento, like 107.9 The End and Now 100.5?

    • Sorry, but only this radio streams are working in ATS. This game is fastidious to stream url`s. I`ve added almost 100 new radio stations from these two states to game radio, but only 37 links was accepted by game. SCS need to improve integrated radio player first.

  3. DeZ

    Дякую за чудову роботу!

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