16 thoughts on “Updated Mario Map for ATS 1.32 Oregon

  1. Stolen. This mod should be taken down. Mario Map just consists of a bunch of other people’s work cobbled into one unstable map.

    1. Stop saying nonsense! Mario’s creations are among the most stable ever! I have hundreds of hours of testing on it, from its very first release to date, whether it’s on American Truck Simulator or even Euro Truck Simulator 2! In addition, Mario was one of the first mappers to share his projects, well before ProMods! He also teamed up with TruckSim at the beginning of their map! After, there has been a disagreement that does not concern us, and since that time, he has collected some maps in a big package well organized because no team wants to join with another to offer us a complete content of the world map! Kids’ wars with which Mario laughs and provides a work certainly stolen for a large part, but who nevertheless has his own creations within this compilation! If Mandelsoft, as well as the other leaders of different maps were not so stubborn, Mario would not need to do collage! Even the Truckers MP administrator KacaK made a video on my Mario map a long time ago to promote it!

  2. How to replace files ?

    1. This is the archived full mod! You just have to replace all the old files of the Absolute USA with the new ones! ;-)

  3. Stephen Butler

    I have had a look at Mario’s map, mainly to see what the fuss was all about, and dismissed it almost immediately. Not because it was unstable or crashed; indeed, it was or did neither. What did I find? a huge disappointment of an ATS map. We talk about Mario’s map being stolen together from the work of others. Well, the ATS map is one stage further, being cobbled together from his own ETS2 map! Much of the US is missing, and what is there (apart from the SCS vanilla game) is the same as the ETS2 map. There are even Iceland and one or two European ports in a supposed North American map. There is nothing wrong with the way the game is built, but I would not suggest playing it if you have already played the ETS2 map, because you will feel a strong sense of déjà vu. x

    1. You are obviously a beginner on the game, at least in terms of mods maps!
      In addition to 5 years of use of the creations of Mario, even on Euro Truck Simulator 1, I never had the slightest problem!
      After, we like or do not like the work of the author (and authors ^ ^), but his effort to reconcile parts of several mappers who are too egocentric to get along is more than commendable!
      Try already to make a single modification on an existing map, or even create your own map, and then you can start criticizing!

      1. Criticize is an important thing, that’s the first thing I wanted to say to you.
        Second is stop kissing mario’s #### and read before you write! He said that there were no problem with the map, only that it was a copy (or similar) to his ets2 map. And we don’t want that.

        1. If you had tested them, you would know that Absolute USA and Mario are far from identical! I thank Mario for the effort he has made in all these years in terms of mapping, even before the arrival of ProMods or TruckSim! But you obviously do not know much about the game, otherwise you would not tell such nonsense!
          Now, I am against mod theft and sharing it without any modification! But we are far from a flight with the creations of Mario! He is one of the very first SCS Software Licensing Mappers, and he adds substantial content to his compilation of maps! Just try to make a city and we’re talking about it again!
          And I speak as modder and mapper! :-)

          1. I think you have a reading problem, I didn’t even say that I tested it XD What I did say, is to stop kissing mario’s a-s-s. Do you understand that? XD

          2. You, kids, you really make me laugh by your contradictory comments!
            How can you give an opinion on a product that you have not tested! Say you do not want that (in other words, Mario’s creations), when you do not even know what it’s all about!
            If I kissed Mario’s buttocks, I would use his map in my career part, and that’s not the case! It’s just a common support between mappers! But how could you understand it when you are just a beginner?
            Before talking about a subject that you do not really master, learn a minimum to avoid going out pathetic imbecilities!

          3. We aren’t kids. We just know the truth.

            This map is just full of cobbled, stolen pieces of other maps put together into 1 gigantic map. Mario’s “Colorado” is a full on copy of Hungary Map. Which is an absolute shame. Before you say that I’m a beginner, I’ve been playing ETS2 since 2012, and 18 wheels of steel series since I was 5.

            Secondly, ANYONE in the SCS forum community will tell you to avoid Mario’s work. Respecting Mario’s work is a huge middle finger to the people who actually put years worth of hard work into their maps.

            WE are not the disgrace to the community, it’s YOU! Due to you supporting the work of this horrible person.

          4. Also, there’s 0% proof of Mario being part of the SCS team, if there’s no reliable evidence, your claim is invalid.

          5. Sorry if the automatic translator does not help me understand correctly! I never said that Mario worked for SCS Software, but that he is one of the oldest mappers, well before ProMods and TruckSim! Yes, as I said, Mario borrowed some maps, but for a good reason I mentioned above! But his previous work (and current) far exceeds what can be found in other teams! Now, if you stop only on very specific pieces, it is because you are blind of the rest which is pure creation as it already did 10 years ago! But you are so limited that you will not want to recognize it! Have you already created a mod or a map? I can be proud of this talent! And you?

          6. No offense, but what he did 10 years ago doesn’t matter. What matters is his present-day self…And it consists of him stealing maps from hard-working modders. You cannot excuse anything about stealing, nothing is good about it, especially if all Mario is going to do is change city names and call it a day. Mario should be banned from this site. Also, again, if you don’t have proof of these pieces of work that “exceed what can be found in other teams”, your claim is useless. As for my claim, the proof is in front of your face, a full blown thumbnail of Hungary Map but with Colorado city names. If Mario actually exceeded other teams, then why would he have the urge to steal other people’s work? Stop defending this ######, and find some quality work made by quality modders.

          7. You are unfortunately too stubborn to understand and your blinkers are huge to hide the reality! So, I will not waste any more time with a child like you!
            Moreover, you never answer the questions asked! You make me think of the policies that do not have to explain answer side!
            You are in fact an energy drinker, and you do not serve society! You are worse than Mario and all the modders I belong to!

  4. Stolen map! Please delete!

    Original: ETS 2 Hungary map by Frank007.
    Check it!

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