Updated BJ and the Bear K100 Skin and New Trailer

Updated K100 BJ and the Bear skin. New trailer is a standalone that will also be seen in traffic. Graphics are a much higher resolution than previous skins. All of our mods and skins are free, we only ask that you visit our web site and considering donating to our yearly die cast drive for Toys for Tots.


John Boyd, SCS, CyrustheVirus


4 thoughts on “Updated BJ and the Bear K100 Skin and New Trailer

  1. GameplayHD2015

    Video with this amazing combo:


  2. Tony Trout

    I’m still having a lot of issues getting this combo in my game! It makes me want to give up even trying to play. SCS should make stuff like this easier to acquire.

  3. nao consigo fazer o download

  4. Larry Seymour

    I can get the truck skin on a truck but the trailer skin doesn’t appear how do we get the skin on a trailer?

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