Uncle D Logistics VTC Lone Star Sky Rise Sleeper Skin

Ok, Uncle D Logistics VTC lovers & drivers, this paint is for the new SCS International Lone Star Sky Rise Sleeper ONLY as there is flaw in the base model or template which only has painted bumpers yet those painted bumpers were not included in the template I used to make this skin, therefore images were “bleeding” over onto those bumpers, so I’m not making skins for the other two models till somebody addresses those bumper paint bugs. A easy fix was to go with a all chrome bumper which you can download from here: http://www.atsmodding.com/ats-parts-tuning/chrome-bumper-for-the-international-lonestar-mod/ So for now enjoy the Sky Rise Sleeper version. As always do not alter my skins without my written consent but you are welcome to share this mod to other download sites as I only use 3 online download sites, this mod will also be available in the Steam ATS workshop.

Uncle D Skins © All Rights Reserved

Uncle D Skins © 2019 All Rights Reserved


One thought on “Uncle D Logistics VTC Lone Star Sky Rise Sleeper Skin

  1. LGModding

    hi , have you a template for the lonestar please ?

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