Uncle D ATS/ETS2 CB Chatter Mod

So, here we go again drivers, another one, as promised for the new year, your 6th in a line of brand new CB chatter files this year just over a hour long. I only post these chatter files to 2 SCS download mod sites so if you see em elsewhere thanks to whoever is sharing em, but this site is one of the ONLY 2 sites I use. You’ll never see these chatter mods in the Steam ATS workshop as the workshop only uploads mods to your “mod” folder and my CB chatter mods will always go in your “music” folder NOT your “mod” folder. As always with my CB chatter mods, WARNING DRIVERS FOR THE ADULT LANGUAGE!!! these files are not intended for younger SCS drivers or sensitive listeners, and if you know how REAL truckers talk on their cb’s then you already know most have the dreaded “potty mouths”. (and no I will not censor these playbacks) This mod is simply a studio edited MP3 file and you will place it in your SCS “MUSIC” folder not “MOD” folder and play with your in cab radio playlist ok. Other than that enjoy em drivers, got plenty new ones coming this year and keep on trucking and keep on talking @#$@ on dem radios out there real drivers so we can continue to laugh our ass’s off in our simulators!

“Uncle D”
Uncle D Logistics ATS VTC

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One thought on “Uncle D ATS/ETS2 CB Chatter Mod

  1. I just wanted to say, I’m not sure if you are still active but, these are fantastic. This took the realism and my enjoyment of ATS to the next level. I appreciate all the hard work you put into making these quality sound files.

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