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Ultra Powerful American Truck (v4.0)

Date 2016-06-27 21:17


Name: Ultra Powerful
Price: 25.000 > 50.000 Changed!
Unlock: 3 > 2 Changed!
HP: 1250
kW: 845
Torque: 4000
Rpm Limit: 2500
Engine Brake: 4.0

Tested: 1.3x Patch



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4 Responses to Ultra Powerful American Truck (v4.0)

  1. I wish I knew what this mod is about ….
    Is it a truck, if yes where to find it …?
    Is this an part, an engine, what is it ,,???
    I downloaded, installed, activated it, I don’t see anything, any part, any change on anyting…?
    Maybe you could spend 10 minutes more to explain your work, it would be a great plus !!!

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