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UDL VTC Pete 389 Low Roof Sleeper Paint

Date 2017-06-18 09:20

I’m going so go head and release this version of my VTC Pete 389 paint but until SCS gets more states on the ATS map I’m not motivated to see my work just sit and collect dust, so don’t ask when I’ll be doing the other versions, cause not anytime soon if SCS is going to take years to do one state.

“Uncle D

As always I know you guys gonna take my paints and spread em without my permissions so at least give proper credits back and keep my download link ok.

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Uncle D Studios © 2017


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8 Responses to UDL VTC Pete 389 Low Roof Sleeper Paint

  1. Crimson foxx

    This is a really nice skin and i love the attention to detail and decals etc . Great work :) Where did you get the mirror flags? is that the new Heavy cargo DLC?

    • Thanks for the props Crimson, and no it’s not a mirror flag, there a ATS Flag Mod on this site and the designer was taking requests for flag ideals so I sent him my logo and he made a flag just for me for my VTC

  2. Crimson foxx

    ah okies. I will have a browse for a flag mod and its a beautiful skin. you have talent! :)

  3. Crimson foxx

    ah i found the Flags for ATS mod but sadly its 100% incompatible with the SisL interior accessories mod for the SCS389. It conflicts and puts all the added interior accessories onto the top of the roof! haha. So i guess i wont be using that flag mod. shame.

  4. Flags work with PETE 389 :)

  5. Jason

    Awesome Skin! Can you make a pack containing this for the other vanilla trucks in game? Would look great on my Fleet trucks :)

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