UDL Lonestar Sky Rise Sleeper Skin – fixed

Ok, Uncle D Logistics VTC lovers & drivers, this paint is for the new SCS International Lone Star Sky Rise Sleeper ONLY and the bumper & visor paint have been fixed. Sending a huge Thank You to “Pauly Skins” for all his help sorting all this “new” SCS version of skinning their new trucks. No wonder it’s taking them so long to get crap done, they just turned this skinning job which used to could be done and complete in 1 hour into a 4 hour nightmare, gee thanks SCS! SMDH!

So for now enjoy the Sky Rise Sleeper version only, cause at this rate I’m NOT doing versions of paints anymore till a faster plan comes crosses my desk! As always, do not alter my skins without my written consent but you are welcome to share this mod to other download sites as I only use 3 online download sites, this mod will also be available in the Steam ATS workshop.

Uncle D Skins © All Rights Reserved 2020

Uncle D Skins © 2020 All Rights Reserved


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