Tuning for Volvo VNL 2018

This mod adds various accessories and tuning details for Volvo VNL 2018 by Galimin & Frank Peru

Adds the following
– Bullbars
– Front chrome bottom panel (on slot b_gril (bumper) and plastic spoiler
– Air conditioning fan on the back wall of the sleeping compartment for the cabin 740
– Extended roof slots for cabs 760 and 860 cabs with or without a lightbar
– Interior lighting
– Acrylic window deflectors
– APU and steps / tool boxes / only with separate chassis
– Chrome + Black decor for the grille
– Chrome and black stripes on the sleeping bag and sun visors
– An alternative arrangement of slots in the cabin for the dashboard
– Side lights (slots, stripes in chrome and black)
– Racks behind the cab
– Beacons
– Dual exhaust pipes
– Sun visor with Volvo logo
– Side skirt “without plastic”

Tom Dooley


6 thoughts on “Tuning for Volvo VNL 2018

  1. Some people should check on the accessories positioning before releasing a mod then maybe the low bar, the bull bar would be visible, and the exhaust pipes would be vertical and position where they should be…

    1. 1. This is a reupload, not official.

      2. If you know what you are talking about then share your work you son of a b….

      Don’t comment with your empty brain and zero knowledge on modding you moron. Just say a simple thank you and make your feedback kindly. Fck your race, fck all the people like you in here. Fckn disrespectful sh.ts!!

    2. TomDooley

      Serena, thanks for your comment. It’s useless though since this is a stolen mod, likelly an older unfinished version, and I’ll just take your advice keeping my mods to myselfin the future. Sincerely, TomDooley

  2. Any chance of more powerful engines?

    1. TomDooley

      @Ben: No.

  3. TomDooley

    @atsmods.lt – Any reason why you ignored my request for removal?

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