ATS 100% Explored Save Game Profile (v1.34s – Oregon)

ATS 1.34 100% Explored Save Game Profile

100% Discovered Map
Level 161 (Divine Champion)
1+ Billion € & Max Skills
All 23 Garages Owned & Upgraded
All Recruitment Agencies, Companies & Truck Dealers Discovered

[All DLCs Are Required]
Game Version: (Or Later)

How To Use?
Open Zip File, Copy The Folder Inside To:

No Damage & Unexplored Road Finder Mods Included (Optional)
SII_Decrypt Included (Watch The Video Below For How To Use)

Mounir Benjelloun

DOWNLOAD 679 KB [Dropbox]
DOWNLOAD 679 KB [Sharemods]

9 thoughts on “ATS 100% Explored Save Game Profile (v1.34s – Oregon)

  1. Hey Mounir Benjelloun,

    your save game has the same issues like NettysFall’s save game, no Jobs – beside from Special Transport – in Oregon, New Mexico and Arizona! Thats the reason why I guess your save game is based on NettysFall’s save game!

    1. Yes This Is NettysFall’s Save, It Was 99.99 Completed, I Just Used Undiscovered Road Finder To Complete The Little Missing Parts.

      I Don’t Play ATS At All. I Uploaded A 100% Save For ETS2 (Which Is Mine From The Start Till The End). So I Wanted To Make One For ATS Too (Quickly).

      I Didn’t Know About The Issues You Said, If I Did, I Would’ve Not Uploaded This.
      But I Don’t Care About ATS Much, I Prefer Flat Nose Trucks.

    2. Thank You John For Informing Me.

  2. @Peterbilt281

    You are welcome!

    By the way your ETS2 save game is real good! Thank you for sharing this with us!


    p.s.: Is it possible to have a 100 % map explored save game without more than one garage? I don’t think so! Am I right?

    1. I Tried To Do It Using TS2 Save Editor (Which I Don’t Recommend, It Ruins Your Save)
      But I Couldn’t Make It Less Than 2 Garages (With Issues)

      When You Use ETS2 Save Editor, All Your Drivers, Trucks & Trailers Get Randomly Re-Located (Everytime). And Your Driver Get Cloned (You Find It It Two Garages, One Is Useless)

      Do Not Use ETS2 Save Editor v1.1 Unless You Make A “Complete” Backup.

  3. Two garages would be great! Then you can build your own company from nearly zero! I guess drivers and cloned drivers will not be a great problem because you can fire all drivers. If you have a lot of money (and trucks) this is also not a big problem because you can sell your trucks and use a mod to bring your money close to zero. For example you have $ 11.000.000 use a truck mod change the price to $ 11.000.000 buy it and change the price to normal value; keep or sell this truck.
    After this you can make your own money with truck rides and hire new drivers, buy new garages and trucks with self made money!

    Could you make such a “Two garages save game”?


  4. Use Sharemods Link, Dropbox Link Is Down.

  5. jobs apear only in California, and Nevada.

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