Truck Transporter Ownable [MP-SP]

Hello! This mod makes it possible for us to buy the truck transporter, in addition to having different configurations that the game does not have originally.

SCS Software, EmaGamerYT


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5 thoughts on “Truck Transporter Ownable [MP-SP]

  1. ModStealersSuck

    This mod isn’t by EmaGamerYT, it is by James Campbell. #### re-uploaders.

    1. Look closely, the James Campbell mod differs. For starters, he uses other types of wheels in the trailer, which are not the original ones and second I added more configurations for this type of trailer.

  2. Please make new dlc Forest Machinery ownable

    1. It is already in process!!

  3. Why in hell would you want to own this. These tractors are factory owned. Why would you want to own someone else’s equipment that is going somewhere else. Doesn’t make any fracking sense….

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