Transco Lines Company skins for all 3 CS trucks


Transco Lines Company skins for all 3 CS trucks.

_ Kenworth W900
_ Kenworth T680
_ Peterbild 579

In all the 3 cabin variants for each truck.



8 thoughts on “Transco Lines Company skins for all 3 CS trucks

  1. Please fix this skins download when trying to open with winrar it shows an error it does for the Yellow Corp skins also

    1. working fine on my end, both with winrar and 7zip, maybe a too old version of winrar you are using?

      anyways, here you have the 2 scs files in all their size , 64 Mb each if you still have issues trying to opening the others

  2. Arthur Vince

    With my USA freight company logos mod this is perfect! Thank you..

    1. haha, yeah, that is how i started when i saw your mod i thought i could make the skins for all the companies there to use with that, but then i thought was too much work so only made the first 2 :)

  3. Hey Carlitos Bahia can you please fix the issue of this file not opening with winrar or 7zip. The Yellow Corp skins does the same thing and I really wanna use these skins on my trucks.

    1. i checked again, nothing wrong with the rar files, you seem to be the only one with issues, but just for you i uploaded the original bigger scs files in the reply to your other message, download from those links.

      1. Thank you so much

        1. I forgot to ask will you be doing the matching skins for ABF and YRC Freight? What Schneider National?

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