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Trains Everywhere (Road Nightmare) 1.38

Date 2020-07-30 09:42

Important notice: The author is not responsible for, damage to trailers and cargo, truck repair costs, lost profits and “other delights” caused by the using of this mod !

Aren’t you afraid of the trains? This mod will make you afraid! Insidious trains will appear everywhere! Yes! Yes! They learned to drive on roads, with only one purpose, to smash, break and squash everything that gets under their wheels. Now you will often look around and in the mirror, and trembling from each beep nearby. because the evil train has already picked up speed to deal with you !!


FOR WORK, Absolutely need this mod: REAL TRAFFIC DENSITY BY CIP 1.38

Do not use with other Train and Traffic density mods!

This mod was not created for serious trucking, JUST FOR FUN



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  1. Vigil

    This mod is lots of fun indeed, but it’s also turning out to be expensive to have enabled — in truck repairs!

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