Trainguy’s Traffic Mod v1.0 For ATS v1.40

This is my traffic mod, and I would love to share it


– No slow traffic
– Low Spawn emergency vehicles
– Low Spawn trains
– Realistic traffic
– AI recover from accidents fast

For ATS 1.40 Only!

The Spawn Ratios and count limit numbers are high (except for AI semi trucks and emergency vehicles)
This mod will not work with any other traffic mods except for Jazzycats packs (if it doesn’t work with his packs let me know:)

**Please Do Not Edit The Files!!**

You may find bugs, if you do, report them in the comments section

**DO NOT Re-Upload to Steam or any other sites without my permission or you will be reported!!!**
**Do Not hesitate to tell me if anyone Re-Uploaded this mod to Steam or any other sites without my permission, so I can report them**

Happy Trucking and Please Be Safe:)



One thought on “Trainguy’s Traffic Mod v1.0 For ATS v1.40

  1. Trainguy, how ###### do you think we are? you came to me to ask some question about how traffic works, for your “personal edits” then you took my mod and renamed some files and upload it as your mod?
    if you don’t want your mod reported please do the following:
    -remove traffic_vehicle_type.trainguy.sii (this is my file renamed)
    -edit harvester.sui and remove links to my harvester sound or create dependency to my Ai traffic sounds mod
    -edit or give credits to me and Alin Todor for any rules you added in traffic_data.sii
    -edit traffic_rules_spawn.sui and remove my rules ending in “_uh” or credit me for them.
    you can keep your edited numbers, this is only your contribution to this mod.
    Cipinho, author of Real Traffic Density mod (most subscribed Steam traffic density mod for ATS and ETS2)

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