Trailer Pack

Trailer Pack for ATS

Album :

– Trailers are from various modders (they are credited in the manifest.sii probably missed somes, sorry)
– All ine one package (so you don’t need to have 50 trailers mod in your mod manager)
– In traffic
– Includes new white wheels from @Donovan
– Managed to get all trailers working in same time (a lot of files in common. Flares, automat …)

SCS, furkan61, Fred_Be, B4RT, Micha-BF3, GhostLord, Solaris36, Jazzycat, Hadborn, Trayscape, Chief86, Dro Modding, Corby, Dejon Wade, Igor Shvagerus, Zetor165Maxterra, Schiffsdiesel, Adam Lorkowski, Mahad110


12 thoughts on “Trailer Pack

  1. TruckerOne


  2. Sergey Noesmalo

    It is a pack of many mods that are none of this user. totally illegal. please respect the work of the modders.

  3. Who gives a #### honestly, Mods are practically dead for ATS, and its nice to see something new for once. He ain’t stealing anything. All it is is files over the internet, it will NOT be the end of the world. Go back to ETS.

    1. really the end of the day all mods will get leaked eventually lol

    2. TruckerOne

      yes man, like music, movies … files that are on the internet …
      what nonsense have you said….
      Repeat: This is illegal

      1. on what legal term are you even speaking? All the rights on this game belong to SCS Software and in that case they can sue all mod makers and specially the paymods for making money off their content which is copyrighted.

  4. Good mod, although it is compilation of old mods, but it is good to know that they work for 1.31, Jazzycat can not cope and bored, the Jazzycat mods in ETS2 with only mod do not get bored, here in ATS yes, thanks for the compilation, the community of ATS mods is dead

    1. Jazzycat can not cope?? For your information he just uploaded today an updated version of one of his ai packs, so stop telling lies. He is one of the best modders out here.

      1. you mean the AI Traffic mod, I mean it’s the Trailers and Carg Pack mod …

  5. TruckerWho

    Please TruckerOne. Enlighten us on how this is illegal??
    There is no copyright protection on mods.
    I highly doubt this person hacked into every modders PC and stole the files from them.
    These are mods that are already out there for everyone to use. At least he was able to give credit to the modders which from my understanding,is the biggest issue many of them have besides different Sharemods links being used(they get money so of course,they will complain).
    So legal scholar,explain how this is illegal….

  6. It’s not illegal, that’s just the point.

  7. TruckerOne just mad cause he’s not talented enough to make a compilation pack like that lol :P

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