39 thoughts on “Trailer Pack Overweight V2

  1. could include in traffic.

    1. Trucker_bob

      you are dumb ### in all

  2. Trucker_bob


  3. Trucker_bob

    Thanks for this amazing pack, Will there be an update for including AI trucks?

    1. Trucker_bob

      oops dubbel post

    1. Thanks FRED, are you Flammish?

  4. Trucker_bob

    mod is kind of #### really might be due to the fact i am thick or something but its pure ####

    1. dude… STOP COPY MY NAME!

      1. very childish to use someone name and calling names, try to offence someone. I’m not angry atall coz, I cant take u serieus, coz ur a child and even u got an very low behaviour. Why are you using my name and talking ####? What did i’ve dont to you? Only I can say is, your mom had better to swellow than bringing you on earth. *AM OUT*

        1. Trucker_Bob

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        2. If he thinks every mod he posts on is so bad then why doesn’t he show us how good he can mod? Always have at least one ##### that thinks they are so great but never prove they can mod better then anyone else.

          1. auch…. Touché! I totally Agree! so very enoying if people talking sheit. I mean really really sheit like the fake ones does. If you dont supposede to be command or replay or say whatsover that doesnt make sense if u cant build your argument… just shusss. If you wanna lollygag, just do it outside or play with dolls.

          2. Instead of doing a mod why doesn’t he just learn how to spell correctly? Just sayin

  5. why is there such rudeness on here for? the mod maker did a real good job

  6. how do i use this my game

  7. I am Belgian, I speak french

    1. Trucker_Bob

      Do you want to swap pics?? With me or we can Skype

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      1. Trucker_Bob

        His silly and stole my name why he is so mad i do not know. i just know most of you on this post are morons

        1. Just shuss… you kiddo

  8. CNDBaconWarrior

    Mod does not work or is at least not compatible with other mods.

    1. Trucker_Bob

      It is a silly mod just like you are

      1. vladimir1988

        I know ur the fake Trucker_Bob, Stop acting like a moron you child, Very enoying. Why should you take also CNDBaconWarrior, If you wanna kick up the dust.. enoy your mom or something. If I knew how to hack, I hacked and spammed and even IP banned your whole Network. I’ll will track you down.

  9. Good mod I don’t get what this bob dude is on but please stop posting. nice mod best regards to the mod maker thanks

  10. Best mod I don’t get what this bob dude is on but please stop posting. nice mod best regards to the mod maker thanks

  11. The mod is standalone, it works with any mods.
    You have to sleep once or twice and you will see them in your cargo

    1. How overweight is overweight lol, is it the 50k lb ones? Ive noticed that orignal ones are around 40, but im using multiple trailer mods to get more variety, and i dont know which one is which now haha.

  12. OK! the mod works but did you even tested it as there’s a walk bridge in las vegas and the cargo airplane won’t go under as the bridge is to low and that’s where the GPS takes me!!

  13. Most of the cargo is too high. You cant drive under every second bridge. :X

  14. sorry, this mod is cool, are every cargo is too high for the bridge or tunnel…. :(

  15. godzilla2076

    this mod work good only one thing under sing on the road not pass I’m block at every sing board show direction .

  16. Trucker_bob

    you are all dumb and do not play mods unless i say they are good

    1. U betya! that little scum is very enoying troll, a kiddo that hasn’t ##### (I hope so) coz he doesn’t deserve to carry Testicals, lack of understanding, maturity and masculinity. better to whipe him off the society

  17. Slight issue with the yacht trailer, going into a tunnel the hit box hits the top of the tunnel and causes you to crash and not be able to move

  18. Some of the cargo’s are too high for gasstations. You have to detach to get gas.

  19. So far I’ve found that the loads with the yacht, the railcar, and the load with the house have a hitbox that is way higher then the load itself. The railcar won’t even fit under the highway signs, eventhough visually it should. The load with the house spawns at the refinery (for me so far), but won’t fit underthe pipes at the entrance of it. Hoping this can be fixed, as I love hauling oversized loads :)

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