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Trailer Pack Car Brands v 1.0 for 1.28 – English addon

Date 2017-10-26 15:59

This addon translates Russian to English for the Car Brands Trailer Pack V1.0

It also fixes current pmg versions, and edits cog_height_offset to the new variable.

You need the original mod for this addon to function:

Trailer Pack Car Brands v 1.0 for v.1.28

modload order:

If you want 0% errors/warnings with the traffic, you can do the following.

Delete the 50 “traffic_trailer_type.xxx.sii” files from: (root folder) > def > vehicle > ” file ” in the main mod, as they are old standards.


mod – Omenman1972 / English – Chris


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2 Responses to Trailer Pack Car Brands v 1.0 for 1.28 – English addon

  1. Humpfester

    The .scs file doesn’t show in the mod manager, any thoughts?

  2. Humpfester

    Never mind I just redownloaded the file and it worked this time, but after reading your instructions on removing the traffic_trailer_type.###.sii from the def > vehicle > folder I’m still getting pmg warnings in the console.

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