Trailer Pack by Omenman v.3.25.4

In the package 450 skins and 90 cargoes in 58 companies.
The mod adds 16 types of trailers to the game:
– from ETS-2 Trailers: Cement and Food Cistern;
– from ATS Trailers: Dryvan 28, Dryvan 48, Dryvan 53, Curtain, Reefer, Reefer3000r, Gas, Acid, Featherlite, Beverage, 53ft Container, LPG Tanker, Lode King Prestige (Hopper) & Kentucky RD Moving Van

The package is adapted to patch 1.41

Version Changes:
1. Remove Arnold Schwarzenegger
2. Replaced 14 skins

Author skins and build: Omenman
Trailer authors: SCS, Jazzycat, TrafficManiac

Download and put above: (Painted Truck Traffic Pack, Mexican Traffic Pack and Trailers Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac)

Added ATS and ETS2 Trailer Templates




5 thoughts on “Trailer Pack by Omenman v.3.25.4

  1. Best trailer pack mod ever! Thanks :)

  2. hy do you update in ets2 version too

  3. sry do i need unpack mod or this works fine if add mod folder

  4. 1. Extract trailer_pack_by_omenman_ats_3.25.4
    2. Use 7zip or your preferred application to add the folder as a zip format file.
    3. Change the extension from .zip to .scs. The scs files are just zip files.

  5. Is plan update mod or it no support anymore by author

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