Trailer Pack by Omenman 2.0


Big pack SCS trailers with skins from Omenman.
The package 27 cargo and 48 skins on refer trailer.
Mod autonomous, nothing replaces the game.
All the trailers are included in the traffic.
In a mod prescribed manifest.

For version 1.4

When placing the mod for other resources to preserve the author’s link!

SCS, Omenman


4 thoughts on “Trailer Pack by Omenman 2.0

  1. Humpfester

    I was wondering if I could get permission to repaint the skins, I’m willing to give you full credit and share the link to your mod in it’s original state, great mod and thank you for sharing.

    1. I do not quite understand, what kind of credit it?

  2. This Mod seems something wrong…?
    Error message displayed on console.

    ” [traffic] Maximum supported trailer type number is 20. Ignoring 47 trailer types.”

    I think that is not need following files.
    traffic_trailer_type.acer.sii ~ traffic_trailer_type.zanussi.sii (48 files)

    However, thank you for your great trailers, very fun !

  3. Omenman, very nice trailer pack. Shame about the Russian text.
    You can always use google translator, than it is international, HaHa
    Omenman, очень хороший трейлер пакет. Позор о русском тексте.
    Вы всегда можете использовать Google переводчик, это международная, HaHa

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