30 thoughts on “Trailer Oversize “Evolution”

  1. меня забыли

  2. 7 Axles? All Working?

    1. checked the axles, only the rear 5 axles work not all 7

      1. у меня все работает

      2. Жизнь Бориса

        its called a lift axle.

  3. The A320 Part doenst fit of all Highways.

    The Shields block.

  4. GameplayHD2015

    1080p 60 Fps Video with the Airbus A320 Part Trailer


  5. have to drive in centre in tunnels, but am now stuck on a freeway as load wont pass overhead sign….needs a fix for this as needs to be able to bypass anywhere in the game really

    1. Gen15Lien

      The only way to fix it getting caught on things overhead is by changing the map. Unless you want the trailers in the ground or randomly cut off at the top.

      1. krizzy090

        you could make the mod a320 a little smaller so it will fit under neath it

  6. Permit at the scale house?

  7. im havving the same problem as above. can the clipping be eddited so the top quater of the load is like not collisionable

  8. Doesn’t fit in some parts of the highway

  9. Not set another author. It is not good to do so.
    Adaptation: WadGT

    1. всем срать

  10. GameplayHD2015

    1080p 60 Fps GTX 980 Video with Cylindrical cockpit section:


  11. It’s poinless if yo cant haul the trailers on the map. Its a good trailer pack but unfortunately it is getting removed from my mods folder until it can be fix so that yo can go under the highway signs and through the tunnels without a problem

  12. ets2 convert please ?

  13. Solaris36

    I not upload this. This guy uploaded a mod but not is the autor. This mod I test on ats and decide not to upload but this user do this.
    Melissa, search for Solaris36 on ets2.lt and you will find them.
    Excuse my poor english.

    1. can u release a fixed version for ats love your work on ets

  14. Too much towed vehicle. I can not stand up to him from the company.
    Yet very good mod, but it’s useless.

    (I’m sorry my English is poor…)

  15. i am level 8 and i cant seem to find a havy load ?
    why is this

  16. where do we pick up the trailers from?

  17. solaris36

    ATS version of oversize trailers son….. :-)


    Great videos using this mod with a good driver behind the wheel ENJOY!!

  19. Sanguinem Luna

    Please update this trailer pack to ATS V1.2.1.1s. My game is crashing when I try taking certain loads. Such as the Old Diesel Locomotive. That’s my favorite load in the whole mod. A friend also reported his game crashing when trying to take the Airbus A320 Fuselage, the Conveyor Belt and the Windmill Blade Piece. And the game is crashing so hard because of this mod that it doesn’t even have a chance to create a crash log for the reason it crashed….

  20. need to update to 1.2 version

  21. Дудкин Костя

    обновите на версию 1.30 пожалуйста

  22. Alejandro Vasquez


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