Trailer “Lode King Prestige 3 axle Grain Hopper”

Trailer “Lode King Prestige 3 axle Grain Hopper” [1.6.x]
-Beautifully modelled and detailed,the used drawings and pictures
-High quality textures taken from photos of the real trailer
-Is present in the orders of the agencies (wheat,barley,rye)
– Autonomous
– Lift axles

Game version: 1.6.x

The original model and adapting to ATS – Jura2470


7 thoughts on “Trailer “Lode King Prestige 3 axle Grain Hopper”

  1. Great thanks

  2. You should add a Chrome Rims to this trailer. Nice and heavy, good loads!

  3. NinjaSquirrel_97

    Nice job dude!

  4. Nice trailer buddy, well done 10/10 !!!

  5. Video with this amazing trailer:

  6. Dennis Austin


  7. Johnny Rotten

    When you look at this trailer from a distance 2 axles dissappear, have you tweaked the LODs?

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