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Trailer Feno Double

Date 2017-06-22 19:15

Trailer Feno Articulated By Pinga



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  1. More stupid double trailers that don’t FIT in this sim…..good job moron!!! SMDH

    • UselessBanana

      calm down snowflake.

    • Dab Ent.

      Do you even know about doubles in america Uncle_D? I respect you as a modder, skin artist, and a sound maker but don’t sit here and say that shit bro. You of all people should be the last person on here shit talking about other modders work. You should be ashamed of yourself. SMDH

      • With some exceptions, those limits allow for trucks with a single 53-ft. or twin 28 or 28.5-ft. trailers and up to 80,000 lbs. max gross vehicle weight, or GVW.

        The underlying questions here are whether to allow higher GVWs, possibly for tractor-trailers with more axles — call that the “heavier argument” — or allow longer trailer combos like twin 33-footers, also known as “pups.”

    • who the fu.k gives a sh!t?the trailers are awesome and untill SCS will prepare the game for them,we will have to search solutions

    • the whole the west coast of America is double dip sh.it, you really dont know shit. I have have 2 peterbilt 352 cabovers and 2 sets of 28ft hay trailers and i live in cali

  2. highvoltage


  3. highvoltage

    go eat a bag of dicks

  4. Video with this amazing trailers:


  5. This is a piece of shizt mod with ah million errors and the only person that needs to be ashamed is you dudes licking this idiots nuts! Shut da phuck up and PHUCK THIS PIECE OF SHIZT MOD!!!

  6. man,phuck you!
    Why do you insult you mother phucker?you can lick my asshole…wtf is wrong with you?you think you’re God?idiot is your father and your mother

  7. Dab Ent.

    Grow the Phuck up Uncle_D. your pathetic Phuck you. Its so sad how immature you are.

  8. Coalrollerlbz

    First of all idk wtf this mf problem is..I only started this game less than two weeks ago and have no problem maneuvering around (except for the odd bugs and less than intelligent ai) my only real issue is at least for me there is NO left blinkers on any of the trailers but when I hit a right they work as they should…minor issue is the weight and sometimes it will say youre hauling a ventilation shaft or something lol

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