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Traffic-Signs-Pack V1.2 – more sign assets for ATS

Date 2016-02-27 17:40


V1.0 Adds 33 traffic signs into the game for modders and mappers to use.
V1.2 Includes all V1.0 signs and adds another 20 traffic signs into the game + minor fixes to previous signs.

– Night-Speed-Limit signs dont actually set a speed limit ingame since you can not time them. (I haven’t found a way yet) They’re only for decorative matter.

– This modification doesn’t include a whole new map. It simply includes the models of the traffic signs
for modders and mappers to use in the game-editor!
– Do not re-upload this modification, only use the original download link listed.
– If you use this modification in your map, please give credit to me (DualCore).

How to:
– Simply move downloaded file to mod archive from ATS
– If you used V1.0, delete that file and replace it with the V1.2 one.
– Added signs can be found in the editor, use “E” + “5” in editor, scroll through the list of signs to find them.



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  1. Спасибо ВАМ! Сделайте, Пожалуйста, Данный мод и для ETS 2!

  2. Nafetz

    i have never seen one sing !!!

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