Traffic Mod – More trucks on road


This mod don’t change amount of vehicles on road – it change traffic density coefficients.
– Added more trucks on road
– Increate city speedlimit up to 35 mph (I hate speeding tickets in city)
– Decrease possibility police cars
– Decrease density in small cityes
– Allow overtake on local roads


Author: Piva

DOWNLOAD 86 KB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 86 KB [Uploadfiles]

5 thoughts on “Traffic Mod – More trucks on road

  1. I hope the 1.2 will be released soon … for now I prefer to stay with a stable official version.
    Thanks Piva !!!

  2. catalystt

    Nope not soon scs delayed it, and you know it’s scs so it will probobly take about two three months till stable 1.2, i hope piva do mods for stable version too, than doing only for beta version!

  3. Thank you, Piva. :)

    DHL is by far the most popular trailer. Not to say it couldn’t be so but I saw them in twos and threes on the highway.

    1. It’s game engine.

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