Traffic Mod for ATS

New version of traffic density and speedlimims mod.

This mod and addons do not use additional vehicles type.

I must use special parameters for traffic_data file, because SCS did something wrong
with traffic spawn algorithm, so now this mod is not working as I want to see it in game.

Known problems
– Sometime you can drive on empty roads, even I set 60 cars and 18 trucks, and I don’t know where it’s all?
– Some vehicles can stop without reason, rare but it happens
– Vehicles can quickly change lanes without reasons
– Some of rare vehicles like a police with beacons and emergency cars can spawn too often, after game restart this issue may be fixed or not.

Also pack contain addons
– pup and rocky mountain spawn everywhere (I like rm trailers so), doubles (48ft x 48ft) and triples spawn in Nevada only.
not additional vehicles types used for this addon. Addon priority not matter.
– Heavy cargo in traffic with very rare spawn probability also not used additional vehicles and trailers types.

Thanks to AlexeyP for update trucks for heavy cargo trailers in traffic, it must have beacon lights on, red flags and “oversize load” banner, but it is not work :lol:
Beacon lights just lights and not flashing, red flag is missed and keep left just flagpole on trucks :lol:

Emergency cars with beacon lights on like a ambulance, firetruck and hiway patrol built in base mod.
If you use Drive Safely “Sound fixes pack” it must have high priority of my base mod.

SCS, Piva, AlexeyP

DOWNLOAD 5 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 5 MB [Modsbase]

3 thoughts on “Traffic Mod for ATS

  1. Sergey Noesmalo

    Ey Piva, you forgot the “traffic_storage_truck” file…..

  2. Hi guys! Will this mod work with MHAPro maps,et al?

    1. This mod, nothing at all will not work.

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