Traffic dencity and speedlimits for 1.35 (Pack)

Pack contain 3 mods
– Traffic density and speedlimits for 1.35, including emergency cars with beacon lights on and train with 1-3 locomotives.
– SCS trailers in traffic. I don’t know why SCS bypass this trailers in traffic. All models by SCS only.
– Doubles/Triples and trailers from DLC Heavy Cargo in traffic. Trailers from DLC Forest NOT INCLUDED, this trailers will be added later.

Piva, AlexeyP

DOWNLOAD 6 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 6 MB [Modsbase]

2 thoughts on “Traffic dencity and speedlimits for 1.35 (Pack)

  1. Hello… I can see doubles and triples, but even with your mod on, no single trailer… Any idea why..?

  2. Seems they all crash my game, V1.35 (legal version)

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