TomDooley’s Enhanced Kenworth T680/T880 for ATS 1.35

This mod of mine has been around for a while. 1.35 has a few less options than the previous version, that’s intentional. It’s still plenty of stuff to slap onto your Kenny.

As with all my mods mod – DO. NOT. REUPLOAD. ANYWHERE.


Please refrain from posting videos on youtube with it! I have my reasons other than just being a grumpy old jerk.

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12 thoughts on “TomDooley’s Enhanced Kenworth T680/T880 for ATS 1.35

  1. Sorry but if I decide to post a video with it I will! If you did not want all the fuss then take the mod down and do not post again! I am a grumpy old man who is sick of this nonsense

    1. TomDooley

      Well if I decide I don’t want any videos it’s my decision to say so. I’m sick of the flood of useless nonsense videos of people driving, of worse, presenting mods they didn’t even built themselves. If you don’t like it, get lost. I don’t require your consent.

  2. hm for me not working
    when i buy,crash the game

    1. TomDooley

      Did you have an older T680 mod installed before? In that case, try putting in the older version back in, sell all T680/880s, and then try again with the newer version. Since 1.35, ATS gets very picky on missing parts on your selected truck. P.S. check the log

      1. many thanks,that was the probleme

      2. are you also making a Petebilt 579 enchanced

  3. Hi Tom, in the interior view, the scs antennas are always visible. Not from outside. Even when i buy the custom antennas i see two of them. The custom and the scs ones. Can you fix it?

  4. Thanks for posting Tom, since you are good enough to post this for free download I will abide by your request about videos, no problem its your mod.

  5. Please+honor+Tom’s+request+of+no+uploading+and+no+video+content.++It+sucks+each+time+you+guys+####+him+off+and+we+don’t+see+updates+for+months.

  6. todos+mis+juegos+de+ats+los+publico+si+no+te+gusta+que+publiquen+tus+mods+no+lo+hagas+tus+mods+no+sirven

  7. can you update it its causing some glitchyness on the new update i got black lines running across my screen at random

  8. DeltaDelta28

    Hi, great mod, where are the accessories I can put on the roof or on the grill??

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