Tom Dooley Enhanced 579 v 1.5.1

This mod intends to vastly expand the configuration options for SCS’ Peterbilt 579. It’s not meant to be complete, there are other great additions. But I believe that my mod is the one with the most options for the 579 so far.

Key features:
– Two new sleeper options (shorter 58″ and longer 80″)
– Stretched chassis for all but daycab trucks – 6×4, 6×4 lowered tag-lift, 8×4 lift/steer mod-lift
– Modular aero kits. By default, the “standup” sleepers will be naked and can be fitted with cab/sleeper fillers, side panels, roof fairing (not on the 58″), sideskirts. If you also have GT-Mike’s EPIQ package, you’ll have an abundance of options
– Mountpoints and decorative options like bull bars, headache racks, APU, fenders… see he listing within the file

Tom Dooley, SCS, Aradeth, Viper, Pendragon, GT-Mike, Shin


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13 thoughts on “Tom Dooley Enhanced 579 v 1.5.1

  1. says no file when i try to download

  2. TomDooley

    Guys, I gave you a valid sharemods link. Why did you change it for an un-authorized re-upload?!?!!!

    Please use the original link ONLY or remove the entire post.

    I’m disappointed in you folks!!!!

  3. Unauthorized re-upload

  4. It’s good to know that doesn’t even respect their uploaders.

    1. TomDooley

      Link was corrected to my original one. That fact makes this sit *MUCH* better thean most if not all of the others.

      Thanks to the admin.

  5. swift Trans

    hahah welcome to the interweb hhah

  6. Freddy Jimmink

    That is why i keep my made stuff only in my groups

    It is indeed disrespectfull to change links.

  7. @TomDooley – Thanks for letting us know. I’d rather use your link than some unauthorized ####. That’s why I quit modding for the community no matter how much people whine on my YouTube videos for stuff. No respect = no sharing, so I commend you for your patience and continued efforts.

    1. Freddy JJimmink

      You can join my groups if You wish or contact me on facebook by my name, i talked with Tom about a problem i had with skinning

      In my groups link will be placed for members only and i can say they appreciate Your work big time, so feel free if You wanna join in

      @ TomDooley thanks man it is a great mod and You can see te result in my groups

      Have a nice day

      1. Sean Smith

        Hey man how would i go about joining your group. I dont believe in sharing wich isnt mine nor do I take credit for other peoples work. Anywho was just curious as to how because I’d love to get into a few grps in order to get skins make videos and give these artist the credit they deserve for their work. Not to mention i would love to learn how to skin myself. However every tutorial video I have seen has been to fast b/c id be a straight up beginner. Anywho if u feel like adding me my email is [email protected]

  8. Petróczi Ákos



  9. PLZ+fix+the+link,+i+would+love+this+mod,+thanks!

  10. File not found. Please re-upload this link.

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