Tom Dooley Enhanced 579 V 1.30

Next iteration of my mod who like the 579, but think that the stock SCS model is too bland.
A big thank you to AlexejP, who granted permission to use his interiors/animations, and to all others (see credits) who generously gave permission to use some of their parts from other mods.
New in v 1.30:
– AlexejP animated interiors
– new optional custom headlights
– locker rack by Robert Modjeski/Dc Ving
– new sleeper side windows (outer model only!)
– various modifications or fixes on older parts

Any other link than is either fake or an unauthorized reupload by others to make money out of a FREE mod.

TomDooley, SCS, AlexejP, Robert Modjeski, 349hugo, Aradeth, Pendragon, Viper, Ohaha, Solaris36, GT-Mike, Shine2044, CH_Vitalik/Dmitry68/Kirilloid22/Gosh


26 thoughts on “Tom Dooley Enhanced 579 V 1.30

  1. game+crash+when+i+want+to+use+the+parts

    1. TomDooley

      Learn to write without + signs first. Then, study the game log for errors, instead of trolling.

      1. Nobody’s trolling. The +1 is an issue of this website. And not everyone are advanced users who know how to use the gamelog. This type of reply is not helping.

        1. Actually the + signs are NOT a problem with the site. They are put there if you keep getting the CAPTCHA wrong a dozen times or so.

          And anyone who wishes to mod their game is indeed expected to also know how to read the game log. No one out there should be modding their game unless you know what you are doing.

          Lack of information is what’s not helping. No one can help you troubleshoot unless you provide something like “It’s broke! Fix it!”

          1. Correction to typo:

            No one can help you troubleshoot IF you provide something like “It’s broke! Fix it!”

            “unless” corrected to “if”.

  2. Not DLC Toys ready again. Missing locator for ext view :( :(

  3. TomDooley

    Not everyone values that DLC as much as you do, Falkon.

    Still, there’ll be a service release/fix towards the end of February, which will have the external locators.

  4. good times

    When you switch side windows on the sleeping cab, it’s still the same inside.
    Also from exterior, you can see the front throught those windows, but not the other windows on the opposite side.

  5. Thanks TomDooley. Your truck is great but i need the windows slots for my special parts. Then i will wait for the fix. Sorry that was not meant evil ;)

  6. TomDooley

    Indeed, the (new) sleeper windows are currently just for outside looks, the interiors won’t have them. Maybe in a later version.

  7. Gage Kmiec

    @TomDooley can you add your trucks to steam

    1. TomDooley


  8. ATS Trucker

    @Tom Dooley, Can you add the SiSL Pack to this? Thanks for the update!

    1. TomDooley

      Will be in fix/service release

  9. TomDooley

    @Gage – nope. Steam is a pest and I hate SCS for only having a Steam version of ATS. @Trucker, read my answer to Falkon again…

  10. what is it that animates , i dont see anything animation ??

    1. TomDooley

      Well, have a closer look. AlexejP added a shifter (won’t move on every gear on manual, but at least reverse-neutral-forward), also for auto transmissions (on the 579 it’s a rotating lever at the steering wheel), and a few buttons.

  11. Do I just replace your old version of this with the new one in my mods folder? (I’ll make a backup first, of course.)

  12. Also, thanks! I can’t even think of driving a 579 without your mod.

  13. why is the interior pink in some paces?

    1. TomDooley

      fixed since FP1

  14. This+makes+the+579+worth+driving,+Schweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

  15. TomDooley theres a problem with headlights Im seeing through them great mod though nice animations.

    1. found the problem and fixed it awesome mod

  16. Link is broken

  17. does this mod still work? installed and trouble shooted but still doesn’t show

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