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Tim Hortons – Wallbert replacement trailer

Date 2016-02-12 09:04


Nice looking (in my opinion) Tim Hortons skin I made to replace a refrigerated Wallbert trailer



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10 Responses to Tim Hortons – Wallbert replacement trailer

  1. Khross

    Is there a guide/tutorial or something on how to edit truck/skins? Can’t find anything around :(

  2. Brian

    Lol! I love Tims in the morning!
    Canada! Eh!

  3. Dr. Richard Heade

    Very nice repaint, but, for realism, you wouldn’t put Coffee in a refrigerated trailer, would you?

    • Thanks. They don’t ship brewed hot coffee, that’s for sure. But they do use refrigerated trailers for frozen bread products and other things (yeah, Hortons doesn’t bake as many items in-house anymore). I’m not sure if they haul their dry products like coffee/tea in other trucks.

  4. MiPaul

    Actually Yes, these trucks deliver more than just coffee, they delivery juices, water, the bagels and donuts are frozen/cold. Even the coffee cups come in these trailers.

  5. lebear

    always got time for a Tim’s

  6. james

    I wonder if you could replace Wallbert logos with Tim Hortons skins?

  7. AquaGoat

    Nice skin. I wish someone would replace all the Wallbert stuff with Wal-Mart stuff, since that is clearly what it is supposed to be.

  8. Grizzly Bear

    Tim Hortons ftw GO CANADA! Cant wait for map dlc or mod that has Canada!

  9. Rejjie

    Rrrroll up the Rrrrim :)

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