The Godfather’s TSA Drop Deck Skins Pack v1.4

The Godfather’s TSA Drop Deck Trailer Skins Pack v1.4
* The Godfather has Updated This Pack from 48 Skins on the last Update To 65 Skins on this Update for C.A.M’s TSA Drop Deck B Double’s & Road Trains for ATS & ETS2 The Godfather holds all Rights to the skins in this pack if any of the skins are used in your Livestreams or Uploaded video u must give me Credit when using it..
* plus add me The Godfather’s Mods Co EST 2021 in your description thanks fail to do so could lead to me making this pack taken away for all to enjoy..
* C.A.M’s TSA Drop Deck Trailer is owned by the Person who built the Trailer and holds all rights to this Icon Masterpiece Of Australian Pride..
* The List of Skins in this pack are listed below with (New) Next to them that have been added to this v1.4 And (Updated) Are Skins that have had a update to them on this v1.4 Update
* Aldi Supermarkets (NEW)
* Amart Furniture (NEW)
* Arnott’s Shapes
* BagTrans
* Bartrams Road Transport
* Bega Cheese (NEW)
* Bunnings Warehouse (NEW)
* Capital Transport
* Caterpiller
* Coke Cola Can’t Beat The Real Thing Slogan 1992
* Coke Cola Skin 2
* Crown Lager (NEW)
* David Jones
* Dayton Freight (NEW)
* Dominos Pizza
* Doublemint (Updated)
* Dyers Distribution (NEW)
* Fanta
* Fantastic Furniture (NEW)
* Freight Assist National Transport & Logistics
* Golding Transport (NEW)
* Great Northern Brewing Co
* Holden (NEW)
* J.K & C.L Nitschke Bulk Transport
* Jack Daniels
* Jelly Belly
* Jim Beam
* Juicy Fruit (Updated)
* Kan Tong (NEW)
* Kellogg’s Coco Pops
* Kellogg’s Corn Flakes
* Kellogg’s Froot Loops
* Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes
* Kent Removalist
* Kmart/Khub Australia & New Zealand
* Kraft Singles
* Lee’s Transport
* Lindsay Fresh Logistics
* MnM’s
* Mars Bar
* McCain (NEW)
* Mountain Dew
* Myer (NEW)
* Nolan’s Interstate Transport (NEW)
* Pepsi (Updated)
* Pizza Haven
* Pizza Hut
* Red Bull
* Rod Pilon Transport
* Ron Finemore Transport
* Smiths Chips (NEW)
* Star Track Courier
* Tandy Electronics
* Target Australia
* The Good Guys Australia
* Triple M Fm (NEW)
* Twisties (NEW)
* Vegemite
* Victoria Bitter (NEW)
* Woolworths 1990s (NEW)
* WOW Sight & Sound (NEW)
* Woolworths
* XXX Gold

AirRoad has been removed as a Skin on this update..

The Godfather Australia Worldwide Gaming @You Tube C.A.M


6 thoughts on “The Godfather’s TSA Drop Deck Skins Pack v1.4

  1. The Godfather Australia Worldwide Gaming @You Tube C.A.M
    Все права и на весь контент принадлежат разработчику игры SCS Software. Вам же не принадлежит ничего. Покажите Ваше регистрационное свиделельство и патент. Их у Вас, просто нету.

    All rights and all content belong to the game developer SCS Software. You don’t own anything. Show your registration certificate and patent. You just don’t have them.

  2. And why do I need a bunch of trailers in my own, if I never see them in the game? Another thing is when they are registered in the company and traffic, and in this form it is a waste of time.

  3. Belsy Khubayi


    Can i have link to the trailer updated for 1.43

    1. I do not understand why this skin pack is allowed to remain on this site, The owner of the trailers has pulled his mod and is no longer available for current users, and he is no longer in the design system

      1. one last ditch effort is go to and search for 1.36 mod for trailers.
        But This trailer set is long gone and dead forever

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