The Armor Lite Elliptical Scrap Ownable 1.40

AndrewVinnik: Original model and textures
KeithD: Converting to ATS, textures, cargo, def file setup, testing and packaging
The following group of CG artists for creating the cargo models:
3daries, MarthonDLT, maximegorov, sash5k, shadedancer619, thebarley
Beta Testers:
Tracy Pennock
David Lewis
Brayden Schroeder
Armorlite Scrap

AndrewVinnik, KeithD


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2 thoughts on “The Armor Lite Elliptical Scrap Ownable 1.40

  1. Keble Champagnie

    I really like this trailer, could you make it with a little more ccessories for the update

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