Tesla Semi Truck 2019

-2 Cabins
-A very modern and minimalist interior
-Two screens on both sides of the steering wheel, navigation route
-2 Chassis
-Trice of 6×4
-Automatic system
– ATS 1.34

The Tesla Semi Truck looks very modern and futuristic.
It is a real high quality model, with detailed interior.
The doors can be opened.

Tesla Semi Truck is ready to be tested in ATS.

Note: In this model, battery charge, sound or some detail, is not affiliated or supported at the moment for obvious reasons, or may be the model you are watching. For now enjoy the mod!




10 thoughts on “Tesla Semi Truck 2019

  1. The Demon

    Why was this even posted here, its like the description states V1.34, none of the files have been updated, since it first came out, and it crashes the dealer ship, would be nice to see this updated to 1.41, before it gets reposted

    1. Won’t work on 1.4.. any update???

  2. The cover picture is of a Kenworth, not a Tesla.

  3. It’s a Kenworth as first seen. But when you get to the Comments it’s now a Tesla. That’s a start but as said it needs updating to 1.41.

  4. This needs to be updated for 1.41.1 its way too old.

  5. Please update

  6. Please update for 1.43!!!!!

  7. Pls Pls Pls Update it for 1.43 Pls Pls Pls

  8. Any update for 1.41 ???

  9. It does ot work with my version – so sad ;-(

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