6 thoughts on “Template Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v.3.9.3

  1. thanks very much for this

  2. juan solis

    can someone make a prime.inc skin.But try to make a design that is new

    1. Okay I will try

    2. hey here is the link,Please let me know if its good http://sharemods/kqqom6n1i3m0/primeincimprovedcascadia.scs.html

      1. juan solis

        it don’t let me see it

  3. Can+someone+make+a+prime+skin+with+paws+where+u+can+change+the+colors+for+$10.And+anthor+$5+for+making+a+refer+trailer+and+flat+bed+with+the+same+skirts+on+both!!

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