8 thoughts on “Template for SCS Trucks

  1. Jesse Lype

    Could you not make it a F**king Photoshop file for f**ks sake, not everyone has Photoshop or money for Photoshop, A**hole

    1. American-Express

      You can open the format psd with photofiltre I’ve tested …

    2. Jandemotorman

      Tnx American-Express for your work, some people just doesn’t know how to behave. If Jesse did some research on Google, he would figure out, there are more ways to open a psd file.

    3. Faelandaea

      Cry much? Anyone who wants to work with graphics has PS. Try getting CS6. It’s stable and VERY cheap.

      To the uploader, even though some kids feel entitled and ungrateful, the rest of us appreciate the upload. I was just in the middle of pulling a UV map myself when I saw this. You saved me the work XD

  2. Bigrigfrosty

    awesome! thank you :)

  3. The PitBull

    This template is not good because you Kenworth t800 can not do with it and the two trucks, one template that is not good put them appart then everyone can work with.

    Sincerely The PitBull.

  4. Can someone please make an walmart skin for peterbilt

  5. These templates are garbage. Why would you upload this before testing. Put a logo on the door and it wraps the hood. Really. And say I cant make a skin search my name and you’ll see.

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