8 thoughts on “Swift Trailer

  1. Oh dear, seing this out in the traffic makes me scared

    1. seeing*

      1. LOL … Yeah. Whenever I am on the road, I see a Swift trailer and I know it is not going “Swift”. They have absolutely the slowest fleet on the road due to those regulators they put on their trucks.

      2. hahahahaha i thought exxxactly the same thing HAHAHA

  2. Possible to do a Knight Transportation pack when you’re done with this one too? :)

  3. Good job! Is it standalone as well or does it replace? Thanks!

  4. Very nice to have this. If you do the truck skins I would suggest the W900 Be done as the Lease purchase truck that Swift offered at one time which was blue and not white.

  5. Is this a stand alone or replacement? (Looks great!)

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