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9 thoughts on “SweetFX MP

  1. Dave Snow

    So what the heck does this do????

  2. where to install: the directory MP or games?

  3. WhiteEagle

    This is sweetfx 1.4, but 2.0 with reshade has been out awhile and looks better.

  4. Only for MP ?

  5. GameplayHD2015

    1080p 60 Fps GTX 980….works in both MP and SP:

  6. jfavignano

    Yet again no readme or instruction on how to install this.

  7. Installation : Drag SweetFX folder and other files in American Truck Simulator > bin > win_x64

    hope this helps for those without instructions :)

  8. does it work on the 32bit?

    1. Uh, there is no 32bit for ATS

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