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3 thoughts on “Suspensions Active Mod for ATS

  1. Trucker_bob

    Vids please!!!!!

  2. RedDragon_MK

    Great mod, just what i’ve been looking 4 …. But furkansevke, can u make trucks cabin bouncing some more, like when u brake rapidly, cabin goes a bit down-forward, becouse of the active suspension of course, and when it comes back, it bounces a little … So, what im saying is, can u make the cabin bounces a little bit more and longer … It kind’a give a more realistic feel … Hope u will make an update of your mod, great mod once again … Keep the good work !!! One love !!!

    1. Otterbear

      Yea! I too would like that. Any way to base this “bounce” on the weight of the load? Heavier loads cause a bit of cabin bounce (more so on cab-overs), but it would add a bit more realism.

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