Suspension and Transmission Physics Update V0.3


Hi guys, So on this update I make the supsension more stiffer than the previous update.

The transmission are more easy to use like the engine braking (not the Jacob) take more time to go to the idle and the Clutch are more easy to use for the people who have a clutch pedal.

For engine brake is great for 500HP to 650HP.

Now the trailer can roll left and right without the truck. (Max 10*)

The suspension are more stiff for the trailer and truck, for the trailer its hard so its not done yet but for the truck is more stiffer and some place your truck can go on 5 wheels.

If you want some modification, tell me on facebook, I speak french and English only:

***I do not make Trucks or other else like that. I only play with .sii folders***
(Like Physics, Traffics and some other thing like that)



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