Super Pete 389 for 1.31 and 1.32 BETA

In this mod given the Pete 389, 100,000 HP 100,000 Ft lbs of torque 2 500 gallon tanks and a tricked out 18 speed Eaton transmission and it is also a 6×6 so all wheels drive the truck. All modded parts are only $1 and can be had at lvl 1. Enjoy :)

For update 1.31 and 1.32 beta, have fun



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6 thoughts on “Super Pete 389 for 1.31 and 1.32 BETA

  1. Site administration! Delete this old mod. Playing with it will crash.

    1. TruckerMan2


  2. dumb ### mod 100,000 HP get real man

  3. you must be some kind of a super genius. no one else has ever figured out how to open a def file and add zeroes.

    can you make me a truck with a billion horsepower? i bet everyone would download that and you’d make a lot of money. you’ll become a famous modder.

  4. Truckercharly

    TruckerMan2??? First: you are not a MAN, you are a little child but not sweet, second: you are not number 2, you are the LAST number. You can NOTHING, but you be proud of it. Kids like you are the biggest problem on this planet. You earned only loughing and angry comments, but you load up your #### again and again but nobody wants it. You are wrong at here … very wrong.

  5. So much hate for someone that wants to have a little fun, I don’t get it. I spent 30 years OTR before I retired and while this may not be a real tractor option, it sure would have been fun when I was under a 45k load.

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