7 thoughts on “Start Money 95.000.000

  1. what the hell is the point here…its like real life people just get lazy..I am enjoying this game without cheating..if you need money take out a loan..if you cheat you will lose interest real fast..you don’t need to work you already have millons

    1. Clarion99

      Absolutely agree :) Only game I was playing with cheats was GTA V and Farming Simulator 2015 and it was still quite hard to play :) but ATS with milions I have one profile to test new mods – if it damages the save file I don`t care. But my real game is without cheats…

    2. hulkai102

      I’m just using this to see if mods work or not. like trying out trucks and skins and other things.

    3. I would’ve agreed with you before, but honestly, I already enjoyed playing ETS2 from scratch and it’s not easy when you work two jobs, live on your own and also have other personal projects. ATS is honestly not as gratifying as ETS2, because it gets old super fast after the first couple of trips. I only have time to play for about 2 hours on weekends and don’t have time to grind for money. I’m really not missing anything as I’ve already enjoyed the mechanics of the game with ETS2, and even with the little time I’ve played ATS, I’ve already discovered the whole map.

      I’m also a Youtuber, so I need to try out mods and post videos as soon as they are out. With only 2 hours of gameplay a week, I don’t have time to save for the trucks. So I do say these mods are useful.

  2. Coma White

    Honestly, I want it for my online profile I am starting. I already had one get wrecked by trolls on ETS, so I figure a large chunk of cash will make it a bit more tolerable.

  3. Oh, and this does nothing for $. All it does is take you to level 800 or so for a difficult parking job.
    Don;t waste you time here.

  4. Why download this when you can pick up your own cheat program..Why do this? It just takes away from the fun of the game…I have a cheat program but don’t use it for ETS or ATS…Just play the game or find something else that keeps you interested…

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