Stars and Volts Skins for the Peterbilt 579

My first mod ever. Stars and Volts Skins for the Peterbilt 579. This skin mod has three skins, one each for the Duty Cab, Stand Up Sleeper and the Hi Rise Sleeper models. Each Skin will unlock at the same time as the style of cabin unlocks and each skin has a different price as there is more truck to paint (just like in real life).

Nutty Wolf


3 thoughts on “Stars and Volts Skins for the Peterbilt 579

  1. You+link+has+a+password+which+you+didn’t+provided.+Change+your+name+to+#####+Wolf.

  2. I have no ideal what your dumbass is saying seeing I did not set this up to have a password. Nice try you troll. Btw I’ve tested this dl from here and it works fine.

  3. Ok, sorry about that. I just saw what your talking about on Sharemods and have no ideal how that happen. It should be password free (no password needed) now. The download worked for me yesterday and looks like before the password thing showed up, 29 others had downloaded it as per Sharemods. As for me being a “#####”, All I got to say about that is, I’m new to uploading and posting mods so easy with the name calling, eh. Hell, I even was having something not work rite with my skin mods in the game and asked some other seasoned modders what it could be BUT GOT NO HELP ! So because NO ONE would help I will NOT give anyone credit for anything. ^-_-^

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